Wuxi Huishan clay figurine culture 13 Peking Opera scene

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In the face of clay painted into various types of opera character Facebook, although its emergence and growth in the past half century, the history is not long, but its complex shape, bright beautiful colors and their inherent historical and cultural connotation, has earned him a considerable number of people appreciate and love that makes it a unique category of art history of Huishan clay figurines, some foreign friends regarded it as a symbol and model of Oriental culture. Deng Xiaoping on behalf of Chinese 1982 visit to the United States, and President Carter to rebuild Sino US friendship, gift is creative design of Huishan clay figurine factory for a box of six "Peking opera".

Facebook has a long history in the history of mankind. From the original face, human beings in their face scratched black and red color pattern, the Tang Dynasty to the "dancing mask", after the song, the net ugly role in Zaju of the Yuan Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty, the last known as "facebook". The Qing Dynasty and Facebook in composition and color stylization, distinguish the loyal version of good and evil. After the end of the Qing Dynasty opera reform, Peking Opera talent shows itself in the opera, become a perfect form of performing arts. While various operas have their own version of Facebook applications, of every hue in shape and color, composition and so on, are not the same, a superb collection of beautiful things.

Huishan clay figurines from the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, in some works in a class of facebook. Such as the white face and tofu box clown, cheeks rotate round, as well as some Facebook representatives in the minority language. This is the rudiment of Peking Opera later, only after the opera became the national opera, a variety of character, character and status of Facebook gradually perfect, Sheng, Dan, at the end of the net, ugly, gradually standardized". But at the time of the Huishan artists due to cultural, economic conditions and lack of communication means, Peking Opera has not formed a relatively independent varieties. Until recently only after the founding of the old artist Wang Shiquan, the Boqin variety innovation developed, become a influential new varieties of Huishan clay. Now the Peking Opera in the style has a variety of large 1m than small below 1cm; wear a beard is not wear; deformation is realistic; stereo half face hanging; there are several boxed set, there are all kinds of decoration in the frame. Most of the box can be reached 100 more than Facebook, plus a variety of decoration, such as decorative makeup Luang, change flocculus, helmet, gun hair, beard, Peking Opera in Huishan clay figurine is self-contained, open up more than.

Peking Opera, although there is a kind of spectrum, clear roles, but to draw the rich and colorful face, to reach the acme of perfection situation, to have in-depth understanding of the role of Peking opera. Light face (color), it is divided into five kinds: one is like Cao Cao's white face; two is Dan's face powder; three is the niche of four is as white powder; the five is like the Yellow gaolishi; Wushu gold black gray face etc.. The paint on the face. Huishan artist known as Shan complexion, in the paint on the pink cheek, in order to increase the face color color, appear to be in high spirit. Some in the eye socket, eyebrows and mouth according to the different roles they paint with different color. But too light too thick will hinder the effect, be just perfect. Third different faces, known as phase. This is the first key to face painting, to choose a good pen, marking and coloring, little, hook gold, iridescent pen requirements vary. Then separate the block surface, draw the outline, color. To achieve accurate Facebook clear, color, composition integrity requirements.

Source: Wuxi municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department


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