Yangshan peaches.

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 Yangshan peaches.
Wuxi city Huishan District Wuxi Yangshan town is located 15 kilometers southwest of the city, south of the beautiful Taihu, Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale, the new long railway, tin Yi Expressway Crossing in the territory, with superior geographical position and convenient transportation. There are four hills, the ancient volcano mouth Yang hill, soil mineral rich, fertile soil, suitable for the growth of peach, fruit, sweet, beautiful color, three for Yangshan peaches.

Introduction: Yangshan peach rich peach, Peach Town a total of more than 30000 acres, the annual output of 12000 tons. Yangshan peaches have more than 20 varieties, production time of ---9 months of June, early maturing varieties are: bud, early flowering, rain, Xia Hui, Lu Hui YuHuaLu, honeysuckle dew; middle maturity varieties are: Bai, Zhao Hui, Yang 84-2; late maturing varieties are: Hujingmilu, Yang Shanmi, 84-1, white dew, Yangshan Yangshan 84-3, late round honey, yingqing. Especially in the late maturing variety "Hujingmilu" and "white" best quality: natural climatic conditions of the Yangshan richly endowed by nature with scientific, fine management culture, Yang mountain peach shaped fruit with a large, beautiful color, rich aroma, sweet juicy, unique flavor characteristics in Jiangsu province fruit selection, Yang Town "the" Yangshan honeydew "and" white "and" honeysuckle dew "and achieved a number of high-quality fruit award, Yangshan peaches have been awarded the" "China" 99 Kunming World Horticultural Exposition only designated pollution-free peach "title. Was awarded the "2000 China well-known consumer products" title, "2001 China assured food" brand reputation, in 2001 was named "Jiangsu famous brand", "Jiangsu famous brand in 2002 won the certificate", in May 2002 by the State General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine as "the origin mark registration certificate", January 2003 was "no certificate sign of pollution-free agricultural products". Yangshan peaches by domestic and foreign consumers, selling the Shanghai Nanjing line of the large and medium-sized city, exported to Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast asia. Beginning in 2000, entered the Shanghai Yangshan peaches Carrefour, Metro, and Nanjing Suguo supermarket farming and Wuxi Tian Hui supermarket sales, welcomed by the vast number of consumers.

Yangshan peaches known as "fruit color beauty, advantages of thin skin, juicy and sweet aroma". The fruit is exquisite, good taste, easy to digest food, suitable for all ages of people, more suitable for the elderly, women, children and the infirm patients. There are peach skin aerobics, clear stomach, lungs, expectorant and diuretic function; as the "Compendium of Materia Medica" Syria: "peach can be preserved food, good color, lungs of fruit, disease should eat." Peach contains a variety of nutrients, hectogram edible part contains 0.8 grams of protein, fat 0.1 grams, 7 grams of carbohydrates, crude fiber 4.1 grams, CA 8 mg, P 20 mg, FE Mg 1, carotene 0.01 mg, niacin 0.7 mg, vitamin C mg 6.

Nutritionists in analysis and comparison, determine the peach protein content than apples, grapes one times higher than the pear, seven times. Iron content than apple three times, five times more than the pear. Therefore, in the domestic and foreign fruit market is referred to as the "Queen of fruit".

Source: Wuxi municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department

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