No North Canton, Wuxi -- the first local leaders --

"The first Economy & Finance Weekly" new line released "the most attractive city personnel"

No north of Guangzhou, Wuxi first

08 2014 06 June 08:44     Source: Wuxi new media      Mobile phone news

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According to reports, the survey is mainly composed of 500 new workplace vote, employment support policies, compensation, entertainment, shopping for Wuxi points

"On the view of building a city attractive factor. The more to attract talented people of the city, can not only provide more job opportunities, but also provide a more comfortable and convenient living environment. Only people who are willing to stay and live in the city, life will be full of charm, become more excellent talents for future destination."

These days, "the first Economy & Finance Weekly" released "the most attractive new tier talent city" the investigation report was the major media outlets, including Wuxi, was named the country's most attractive new talent first-tier cities first, good news to the local micro-blog, WeChat circle of friends, "Hi buddy ben".

Talent attraction charm of Wuxi won the first, users do not agree

In the investigation of "new line the most talent attraction city", "the first Economy & Finance Weekly according to the 2013" new first-tier cities list, from the dimension of top talent attraction.

This report is the analysis in the city attraction for about 500 new companies after the investigation, and will attract talent division elements into 8 index: the talent reserve, salary, job opportunities, environment, social security, cost of living, entertainment, shopping. According to the overall ranking attractiveness index from low to high ranking index, the lower the higher ranking. Wuxi, Dalian, Chengdu, Suzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Chongqing, Shenyang, Kunming, Changchun, Changsha, Zhengzhou, Dongguan, Ningbo, Changzhou, Foshan, Tianjin, Zhuhai, Wuhan, the 20 new first-tier cities formed the first talent shows itself, "Economy & Finance Weekly" "the most attractive new talent first-tier cities TOP20 list.

The news came, the netizen "the Big Dipper", "@ little table" said: "on wages, prices, environment, comprehensive education clearly than Shanghai Suzhou Ning benefits!" But there are also friends said "cannot read", "the first problem was how to get out?" Users @ do not know the day and night "also some doubts on the" raid "good grades, neighbor" outstanding student "Suzhou ranked 4, Hangzhou 6, the objective? He felt in Wuxi to attract talent still has a long way to go.

Community sector response: Wuxi is "good students' comprehensive development"

"Wuxi ranked first, the orientation of readers and" first "new workplace related Economy & Finance Weekly." That the "good news", people club Department official said that he had 2 consecutive years of reading "the first Economy & Finance Weekly" found that in recent years, the magazine began to focus on the new company, the new first-tier cities, and will do the depth of investigation of some people in the workplace in the annual special issue, mainly to go out of the campus for two or three years the young man some career guidance. The new frontline of the most attractive talent city "survey also has this kind of style, is the 500 new workplace vote.

In fact, the "530" plan of Wuxi has become a known name card. Is vigorously promoting the construction of the "Oriental Silicon Valley" in the construction of "Pyramid talent", the Nobel prize winner, down to the ordinary college graduates can enjoy the relevant supporting policies, a wide scope of "talent tree" can cover the whole crowd.

For university graduates, rental subsidies, the entrepreneurship support policy to make Wuxi attractive. "Salary, entertainment and shopping for a lot of extra points in Wuxi." Analysis of city and Social Council official, "" the first Economy & Finance Weekly survey index system and method of scoring is novel, Wuxi won the first prize, that is "good students' comprehensive development". Among them, Wuxi wages rose a larger space, higher social security benefits, with 66, Suning, IKEA and other large commercial complex business, shopping and entertainment first-tier cities "match", these are a lot of extra points for Wuxi. (Ma Xuemei)

Net friend

This type: Apple stores are located in Xicheng, your job is not to choose Wuxi

@Dongdong_91: fancy Wuxi more job opportunities, low prices, convenient life.

-PVC @ Wu Xianqing formula technology exchange: Wuxi is full of warmth and water here, serene and full of vitality. Let me have a sense of belonging!

Mobile phone users @ 3001018863: from the Lan Kwai Fong, IKEA, Wanda City, Apple stores have settled in Wuxi, Wuxi city is still very attractive and powerful.

@Regus: welcome to Wuxi red bean Leigesi Center personnel to the development of Wuxi industry.

@ aisaka, said: in this life I don't want to leave.

Calm: attract talent can not rely on low prices, high quality employment opportunities is essential

White cloud day @ celadon: there is not low prices to attract talent and landscape, is the quality of employment opportunities. There are limitations in the development of Wuxi, can be said for livable life, but to continue to tap the talent attraction. The South of Jiangsu model is not Zhejiang and Shenzhen.

He looks @ the soul from the: do not know the specific measure data, Wuxi and Dalian has topped the list, Chengdu, Hangzhou, empiricism told me Nanjing, Wuhan should be the most popular second tier city. To search Zhaopin and worry free future number of Posts and the kind of position you know. Industry development pattern of Wuxi and Dalian, and to provide jobs, is relatively limited.

S: @ a mountain in Wuxi for a period of time, the feeling is really very good business development. A city of talent attraction, to see whether there is a suitable job opportunities, such as the occupation development has no future, two to see whether there are people reason to stay, if the price is reasonable, livable city. First, objectively speaking, Wuxi is not, second is satisfied!

(commissioning editor: Zhao Shuxia, happy)
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