Wuxi municipal Party committee leadership

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2016 09 30 April 10:16 source: Wuxi new media
Original title: resume secretary, thirteenth CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee, deputy secretary of the Standing Committee

Municipal Standing Committee Chen Derong

Chen Derong, male, Han nationality, born in December 1962 in Jiangsu, Wuxi. Participate in the work of 8 1985, 1984 3 party, a postgraduate degree.

1981 9 Chinese Department of Nanjing Normal University to study;

August 1985, Nanjing Normal University Propaganda Department of the Communist Youth League secretary, Secretary of the student work;

In September 1988, the suburbs of Wuxi city government office secretary;

In May 1989, he served as deputy director of the suburbs of Wuxi city government office;

In March 1994, Wuxi City, deputy secretary of the Party committee, deputy director of Liyuan Economic Development Zone, Liyuan Economic Development Zone Liyuan deputy general manager of Economic Development Corporation (zhengkeji) (during the period: September 1993 April -1996 School of economics and management of Nanjing University of Science and Technology master's degree in systems engineering graduate classes);

In September 1995, the outskirts of the city of Wuxi District Deputy Minister of the Organization Department (family);

In February 2001, Wuxi City, Deputy Minister of Binhu District Organization (family);

In March 2001, he served as deputy mayor of Wuxi District of Beitang city;

In May 2004, Wuxi city Beitang District standing committee, deputy head of the district government, deputy secretary of the party;

In December 2004, Wuxi City Urban Management Bureau (administrative law enforcement bureau) director, Party secretary;

In January 2006, the Jiangyin Municipal Committee, deputy secretary of Party committee, municipal government deputy mayor (level);

In October 2007, he served as Deputy Secretary of the CPC Jiangyin Municipal Committee, Jiangyin Economic Development Zone Party committee, deputy secretary of Jiangyin Lingang New City (Lingang Economic Development Zone Party committee secretary);

3 month 2008 years as Xinyi Municipal Committee, Xuzhou municipal Party committee secretary;

May 2012 Ren Wuxi municipal committee;

Two In June 012 the Minister of the United Front Work Department of Wuxi Municipal Committee, and chairman of the Municipal Federation of trade unions.

Comrade Chen Derong is the twelve provincial Party Congress representatives, eleven provincial CPPCC members.

(commissioning editor: Qin Jing, happy)

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